A Fruitful Life of a Longevity obsessed VC

Ayuh Ventures
1 min readMay 24, 2023


Ayuh Ventures Portfolio

Investing Since: June 2021

Book Value: $4.81 Million

Average Age of Investments: 14 months

Woman-Led Companies: 30.00%

Funds Raised by Portfolio: $231,670,000

Total Companies: 10

Longevity, anti-aging, mental health, oncology; it all means just one thing to us— quality of life. Our very own personal experiences with mental health inspired us to start Ayuh Ventures in 2021 initially focused on investing in psychedelics, followed by cancer obviously. In our experience, the mind is always working non-stop and if you let it control you, game over. Listen, we get the challenges of working with a pharmaceutical company on the impact metrics, however we prefer investing in founders who have a similar vision on an equitable roadmap of scaling these technologies to patients. If the benefit of these technologies is only for the elite and not on a mass scale, sorry its just not for us. You can make money & do good.